The Madbury Club "The Ashburn Study"


ABOUT THE STUDIO: After five years of working out of dorm room closets, rental cars, and asbestos-laced nooks and crannies, The Madbury Club has a new home. A left turn at the intersection of shit and hitting fans, .M158 Studio is a 5000 square foot warehouse in Brooklyn that houses Madbury Printhouse, Madbury Cineplex, Madbury Recreation Department amidst a host of other studio elements.

In the midst of all their creative projects a lot of their followers in the start of the agency were college students. This collection of music started as part 1, and in the end had 5 parts in total to sum up of what the Ashburn Study is today. When I was brought on I was given the freedom to create a mix of music that included from all walks of sound. Rock music, indie rock, Hip Hop, electronic, house, sound bites, random interludes, r&b, soul, etc... Anything that made you feel good, and could take you away from that stress of exam week. That's what was incorporated into Ashburn Sound Study. The goal was to make you feel the pure love of music, and leave you wanting to put the mix on repeat. 


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