Reigning Champ Retail Stores 


Reigning Champ designs and manufactures premium athletic wear. Our process is guided by our principles: Respect the details. Master simplicity.

We design and develop signature fabrics, emphasizing rugged construction and unrivalled comfort. Reigning Champ is based in Vancouver, BC, where we have crafted year-round staples since 2007.

The approach in curating playlists for Reigning Champ was to incorporate the "masculine" minimalist design their flagship stores represents.  The streetwear aesthetic that is also incorporated in their clothing was also included in the curation process. 

The type of music that is implemented into the store fronts are listed below:

  • Chill-Hop
  • Instrumental beats (trap, r&bass, soulection, hip hop)
  • New Rap (minimal, "toronto" inspired)
  • Hip-Hop influence 
  • New Modern electronic music 

With the selection of these genres it creates a specific mood within the stores. The ambience is welcoming, you're able to shop with an open mind, there is space to talk & think about where you are, and it represents the Reigning Champ brand aesthetics to it's core. 


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